Preparation of New Staff and Continuing Education
Practical and Educational

BELLA Breastfeeding: Provider Training
Source: OPENPediatrics
Date of Access: May 2018

ABM Breastfeeding and Substance Abuse Protocols

ABM Galactogogue Protocol

ABM Mastitis Protocol

ABM Hypoglycemia Protocol

Source: ABM
Description: Various ABM Protocols concerning important breastfeeding-related situations.
Date of Access: October 2015

AAP Staff Education Toolkit
Source: AAP
Description: A collection of PPT presentations – complete with script –targeted toward staff concerning breastfeeding benefits, support, and common problems.
Date of Access: October 2015

CDPH Hospital Training Toolkit
Source: CDPH/WIC
Description: A sample collection of PPT, handouts, worksheets, and scripts meant to be presented to the interdisciplinary team in charge of improving breastfeeding practices within a hospital.
Date of Access: October 2015

Breastfeeding Consortium
Source: Breastfeeding Consortium
Description: A document describing how to access the Breastfeeding Consortium’s Onune training modules, along with the actual website.
Date of Access: October 2015

Texas Ten Step Staff Education Protocol
Source: Texas Ten Step
Description: Toolkit with advice and suggestions as to how to implement a staff-training program.
Date of Access: October 2015

WHO 20-Hour Course for Maternity Staff
Description: A 274-page document that comprises the entire lesson plan for a 20-hour educational course on breastfeeding and other baby-friendly issues for maternity staff.
Date of Publication: 2009

Source: Wellstart
Description: A series of onune, self-study modules are available for health care professionals.
Date of Access: October 2015

​Loving Support Curriculum
Source: WIC
Description: Ten modules, complete with PPT and speaker’s notes, that address breastfeeding promotion and support, barriers to breastfeeding, and other important topics.
Date of Access: October 2015

Residency Breastfeeding Curriculum
Source: AAP
Description: unk to the AAP’s onune residency breastfeeding curriculum.
Date of Access: October 2015


Everyone Plays a Role
Source: BabyFriendly USA
Description: Short activity meant to identify the role each staff member plays in breastfeeding support and promotion.
Date of Access: October 2015

Breastfeeding Counseling: A Training Course
Description: A guide to establishing and running a course to train staff in breastfeeding counseling for mothers and families. Includes a director’s guide and a participant’s manual.
Date of Publication: 1993

Guideline for Curriculum Development
Source: UNICEF / Baby Friendly Initiative
Description: A lengthy guide explaining how to develop a breastfeeding curriculum for professional staff.
Date of Access: October 2015


NAPNAP Position Statement (2012)

AAP Position Statement (2012)

ACOG Position Statement (2007)

AWHONN Position Statement (2007)

ABM Position Statement (2008)

AAFP Position Statement (2012)

Surgeon General’s Call to Action (2011)

Description: Position papers stating that group’s support for breastfeeding and the promotion of breastfeeding.

AAP Ten Steps to Support Breastfeeding
Source: AAP
Description: A pamphlet/poster describing the 10 keys ways that staff can support breastfeeding amongst new mothers.
Date of Publication: 2014

2014 US Breastfeeding Report Card
Source: CDC
Description: Brief report on breastfeeding rates around the country.
Date of Publication: 2014-2015

Transfer of Drugs into Human Milk
Source: AAP
Description: Academic paper that addresses the effect certain classes of drugs and medications can have on breast milk production and content.
Date of Publication: 2013

ABM Statement on Physician Education
Source: ABM
Description: An ABM paper explaining their stance on the necessity of physician breastfeeding education.
Date of Publication: 2011

Breastfeeding and Obesity
Source: CGBI
Description: Handout/presentation looking at the potential links between breastfeeding and weight.
Date of Access: October 2015

Does Breastfeeding Reduce Obesity?
Source: CDC
Description: Handout describing the effect of breastfeeding on childhood obesity. Written at a professional level.
Date of Publication: 2007

How Doctors Can Help
How Nurses Can Help
Source: Surgeon General
Description: A “call-to-arms” for physicians and nurses to become involved in breastfeeding promotion and support.
Date of Access: October 2015

List of Educational Courses and Materials
Source: AAP
Description: A detailed list of possible sources of breastfeeding-related education material for continuing physician education.
Date of Access: October 2015

Breastfeeding Effects and Outcomes
Source: LLL
Description: An extensive summary of the current body of research concerning the effect of breastfeeding on infantile infections, illnesses, allergies, intelligence, and maternal issues.
Date of Publication: Updated in 2013

Evidence on the Long-Term Effects of Breastfeeding
Source: WHO
Description: An extensive summary of the current body of research concerning the effect of breastfeeding on children and mothers.
Date of Publication: 2007

Competency Assessment

Core Competencies for Professionals
Source: USBC
Description: A checkust of competencies all providers should have in regard to breastfeeding knowledge and practice.
Date of Publication: 2010

Practical Skills Review Sheet
Source: AAP
Description: Checkust of necessary skills a provider needs in order to instruct mothers in how to breastfeed.
Date of Access: October 2015

Assessing Midwives’ Breastfeeding Knowledge
Source: International Breastfeeding Journal
Description: Academic paper examining the use of a questionnaire used to assess breastfeeding knowledge. Also includes a copy of the questionnaire and answer sheet.
Date of Publication: 2008