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We're glad you're here. On this site, you'll find a collection of the resources from around the web that are intended to help a hospital or birthing center improve their breastfeeding practices. We realize, though, that improving something as broad and complicated as "all breastfeeding practices" can be difficult, and perhaps a bit intimidating. Well, that's the beauty of this toolkit. We've categorized the resources by mPINC domain and subdomain (along with a "miscellaneous" section), all to help you find the specific resources that best target areas in which your institution can improve. In this manner, your hospital or birthing center can start to take small, concrete steps toward bettering the mPINC score (for more information on mPINC, see link at bottom of page), becoming BabyFriendly, improving breastfeeding practices, and - hopefully - enhancing the health and wellness of mothers and infants. Click the button below if you'd like an example of how to use your mPINC score to guide you to the most useful parts of the toolkit. Or, if you'd just like to get started, click on one of the links above!

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Tennessee Department of Health

Partnering with communities and providers to increase breastfeeding awareness and support.

The mPINC Survey and mPINC Domains

Want to know more about the CDC's mPINC survey? Click on the link below!

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