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Breastfeeding Resources

USBC Implementing the Joint Commission On Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding
Source: USBC
Description: A two-part toolkit meant to improve breastfeeding practices. Part 1 is a guide to accurate data collection, while Part 2 provides advice and methods for adhering to evidence-based practices.
Date of Publication: Updated in 2013

Texas Ten Step Toolkit
Source: Texas Ten Step
Description: A comprehensive guide to implementing the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding Outlines by Baby-Friendly.
Date of Access: October 2015

CDC Guide to Strategies to Support Breastfeeding Mothers and Babies
Source: CDC
Description: A guide to various strategies to support breastfeeding.
Date of Publication: 2013

Illinois Hospital Breastfeeding Toolkit
Source: IL Department of Public Health
Description: A comprehensive guide to improving breastfeeding practices. Includes sections on developing feeding policies, data collections, and methods to help change practice.
Date of Access: October 2015

Baby-Friendly Guidelines and Assessment Criteria
Source: Baby-Friendly USA
Description: As the title suggests, this is a guide to the criteria used by Baby-Friendly USA when evaluating facilities.
Date of Publication: 2010

Breastfeeding Support: Prenatal Care Through the First Year
Source: AWHONN
Description: Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for professionals. Covers prenatal care trough the first years.
Date of Publication: 2007

Prenatal Breast Assessment Form
Source: CDPH
Description: A form/list guiding a complete prenatal breast exam for an expectant mother in anticipation of breastfeeding.
Date of Access: October 2015

Breastfeeding Friendly Books and Toys
Source: CGBI
Description: A list of books/toys for mothers and kids intended to normalize breastfeeding.
Date of Access: October 2015

Best Fed Beginnings Final Report
Source: NICHQ
Description: A final report on the Best Fed Beginnings, a nationwide breastfeeding quality improvement endeavor.
Date of Publication: 2015

Quality Improvement Resources

NICHQ Catalyzing Improvements
Source: NICHQ
Description: A site that provides expertise, resources, and case studies on quality improvement processes.
Date of Access: December 2015

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Resources
Source: IHI
Description: A number of resources aimed at helping an institution undergo quality improvement cycles.
Date of Access: December 2015

Quality Improvement Tools and Resources
Source: US Department of Health and Human Services
Description: Collection of resources, targeted at healthcare facilities, meant to help with quality improvement projects.
Date of Access: December 2015

Quality Improvement Resources
Source: AAP
Description: Collection of resources, many in Word document format, intended to aid with PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles.
Date of Access: December 2016